– The campsite and the Inn will be exceptionally closed (privatization) from July 5th to 20th, 2024 –

We are delighted to welcome you to our beautiful inn, and to serve you food that we want to be fresh, healthy, local, and mostly organic.

We are attached and caring towards the quality of our ingredients:

  • Ancient grains wheat flour and sourdough bread: Yoan Murat, in the village, Organic
  • Buckwheat flour, nuts and seeds, mustard, vinegar, tinned mushroom and other dry ingredients : SENFAS (organic wholesale)
  • Local organic shop : Oils (olive, rapeseed, sunflower), grated mozzarella (pizza), grated cheese emmental (buckwheat savory pancake), whole tinned tomatoes (for pizza sauce)…
  • Raw milk fresh goat cheese : Stéphane Deguilhem, in the village
  • Meat local delicatessen : Jacques Joffre, in the village
  • Bacon, raw and cooked country ham from the local butcher in Burzet
  • Fresh greens from our very local organic gardeners (neighbors!)
  • Other fruits, vegetables and local eggs from the « Village des producteurs » shop (all from Ardèche)
  • Unsalted Butter, milk, yogurt from the local milk production in Vals « Areilladou »
  • Organic and local sorbets and ice creams (« La Charette Givrée » in Rocles and « Terre Adélice » in St Sauveur de Montagut)
  • Organic jams and cordials, some of them are homemade
  • Local sparkling water « Reine des Basaltes », in returnable glass bottles
  • Wines from « les vins du Mouton Noir » and « Quentin Doison », both near Aubenas towards the south
  • Liqueurs and digestives : « La distillerie du Bateau », St Michel de Chabrillanoux
  • Apple and pear juices, and all products made from sweet chestnut come from our own farm « l’Arbre Enchanté »
  • Local supermarket : Mozarella di Bufala AOP, fresh trout, organic vegan drinks, crème fraîche, frozen red fruits from Ardèche, biscuits, other cheeses (ewe tomme, gorgonzola for pizzas, parmesan…), cleaning products in the “ecological” section

We look forward to welcoming you to our table, where you can taste our Breton-Ardèche galettes, our wood-fired pizzas on certain evenings, our local plates and platters to share, our homemade desserts…

The dining room

Built in the style of the mill of 1840 it extends, the dining room is fully glazed and overlooks the Besorgues. In good weather, you can be served on the terrace in a natural environment.

Our site is wonderfully ready for family meals, banquets, seminars, group meals, associative meals as for your breaks.

We are striving to serve you a cuisine using mainly local produce, healthy, natural from Ardèche’s high Cevenne.

The dining room

You will enjoy in room or terrace

The terrace
  • Organic and local ice creams and sorbets
  • The Castagnou, our local aperitif
  • Local charcuterie and cheese boards
  • The mineral water “Reine des Basaltes”
  • Our local and craft beers from the “Clariou” microbrewery in Mazan l’Abbaye
  • Breton galettes (organic stone-ground buckwheat flour) with a variety of fresh, local and mostly organic fillings
  • Sweet pancakes (with our chestnut flour)
  • Ravioli gratins, country platters, varied salads…
  • Wood-fired pizza evenings on Tuesday evenings. Fresh garnish made from organic and/or local ingredients. Hand-made dough, leavened for at least 24 hours, old wheat flour, organic, stone-ground in the village
Whether you are traveling in the country or native, take a dip enjoying one of our ice creams, our beers as well as savor our homemade desserts.
The terrace

Opening of the Inn

Open from May 25th to September 7th, 2024.

Our opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 7.00pm / 11.00pm Wood-fired PIZZA evening and Jazz “guinguette”, reservation necessary
Wednesday 3.00pm / 10.00pm Breton pancakes and other chef’s specialties
Thursday 6.00pm / 9.00pm Breton pancakes at the Labastide night market
Friday 3.00pm / 11.00pm Breton pancakes and other chef’s specialties
Saturday 3.00pm / 11.00pm Guinguette evening concert or show, reservation necessary
Sunday Closed
  • From 3.00pm we welcome you to taste our chestnut flour pancakes, our organic and local sorbets and ice creams; to have a drink on the terrace, share a plate of country…
  • Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 pm: you can taste our famous “Bretonne-Ardéchoises” galettes, our mixed salads, ravioli gratins, caillettes and other specialities.
  • Tuesday evenings: wood-fired pizza evenings and Jazz concert (reservation necessary).

Delicacies on sale at the inn

  • We sell our chestnut products on site as well as local honey.

Inn booking

For a pre-booking thank you to fill out the form you will find on the contact page.